Friday, August 12, 2005

I will move away from here. You won't be afraid of fear... Things have never been so swell. And I have never felt so well.

Glass cages house human lab rats, clicking and staring at the glowing boxes.

Shifting "1's" and "0's" and making the world go 'round. A butterfly flaps its wings in Indonesia, and a hurricane hits Fort Meyers. A trader wrinkles his nose at a fart, and a Californian goes broke.

Sometimes, there is a shudder of realization when one breaks free, with crazed and glazed wild eyes. But once free of the glucose i.v., the poor things don't last long. A bit like sea monkeys.

Nevertheless, an inevitable change in the weather manifests exponentially at altitude. It gets colder quicker. The sun sets in a hurry. When rain comes, it booms.

Cheap, tawdry tarts armed with blowguns fire darts at unsuspecting tourists. The police look for a white Subaru WRX to unlock the mystery.

A boy goes to a baseball tournament, and other boys sneak into his room while he is gone and piss in his soda bottle. He drinks it. He tells his mom. Mom calls the police. The police put it in the papers. Everyone is satisfied. Except the boy who drank the piss.

Non-linear non sequiters can indeed shake the rust off. Write two and call me in the morning.


Anonymous aerotica said...

It rained today, but I still don't own enough emeralds. Nick finally kissed Toni, and "Town Haul" filmed in Washington MO. Karma, man.

6:31 PM  

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