Thursday, March 30, 2006

I am an American aquarium drinker
I assassin down the avenue
I'm hiding out in the big city blinking
What was I thinking when I let go of you

Flew into Wisconisn today.

Tough to leave Montana on a powder day, but it is good to be back in the Dam.

I rented a shit-hot Chevy Cobalt.

I was bewildered, stunned and confused when I actually had to roll down the window. Friggin Luddites. No wonder GM is going bankrupt.

I rolled down 151 to the Dam, and stopped at the new hospital. It's only been open for a little over a month. Wow, it took forever to wander around, because I kept running into people I know. I probably stopped to talk to about 20 people.

Finally, though, I made it to the birthing suites, and got to meet little Vaughn and Alison. He is a quiet, cute little guy. Mom and baby are in good health, but poor TRex and Birdy are home sick.

Then, I visited my parents at the Hiawatha Casa. I used my dad's nordic trak for about an hour, and then...

Guess what my mom did?

She read my blog and made me pepperoni lasagna.

Isn't that nice?

It was every bit as good as I imagined.

My Uncle Jack randomly stopped by for a visit. When I say random, I mean random. I haven't seen him in probably 7 years.

Northwest Airlines is now charging a dollar for the fucking snack mix, by the way.

Peace out.

I'm going to try to rustle up a cage fight while I am here.


Blogger Jimmyboy said...

There's no way anyone would mess with you wearing one of these!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Motor City Monk said...

F-Northwest Airlines and their goddamn snackmix! I remember the good ole days when you'd get a beautifully prepared hot meal with every flight and the Salsbury Steak was always smothered in delicious thick brown gravy....Mmmmm.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of a cage fight you seem like you could hang out with Death and Hades! I'll get the pork chops, one day someone else will be as old as well i'llgetthat'sberfinepassoutinpileof cookedmeat


1:55 PM  

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