Thursday, March 09, 2006

I can tell by the way you that you switch and walk
I can see by the way that you baby talk.
I can know by the way that you treat your man

I can love you baby til it's a cryin,..
beatiful girl lovely dress
15 smiles oh yes
beautiful girl, lovely dress>

When I am old and infirm, please come by and remind me of what a bad walkman-singer I was.

Because, essentially, I am already barrelling down the information highway with one finger on the wheel, pedal to the metal, laughing out the sunroof of your 1985 Buick, screamin' out Cheap Trick lyrics like I did back in double-aught in Disney with Dan-O & Leo, keepin' it real, representin' the BDC.

Recently my friend, P. said you could play the Stones however you want...

I really believe that to be true.


Here are the most popular search terms people used to get here today:

1. "My daughter is F@*$ing a bl@ck dude." Note that I am trying to cut down on this search term by no longer typing it in full. I have no idea why, but people continue to come here, researching that topic.

2. "Moustache grooming." No shit. Cuz you know I rock the magnum:

3. "Lebowski Acheivers." 'nuff said.

4. "Swollen finger knuckle."

5. "All I can think about is Kielbasa."


Try to NOT think about kielbasa.


6. Feeling Unknown.

7. "Where do bad folks go when they die?"

8. "Yer mother swims after troop ships."

9. Three Musketeers Bar.

10. You got a reaction, didn't you?

I swear before our Lord and Savior, Kenny Rogers, these search terms are for real.


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