Friday, April 28, 2006

Brimful of asha on a 45, well it's a brimful of asha on a 45.
Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow... mine's on the 45.

A few quick hits...

There is a hilarious video on shy smiley's blog. It is the second post down. (I also like the top post. I would lift it and post it here, but where's the fun in that? You should check out her blog anyway.)

When you click through, you will get a prompt to run Active X- click yes, it allows the video to run. The video is called "Numchuk Tard."

Here is the link.

I laughed my ass off, and I ended up watching it 6 or 7 times. The best part is after the fall, the guy is all dizzy and tries to play it off with a staggering numchuk move. I am laughing just typing it.

Check it out.


Here is another link: US Military develops a force field.

That is incredible.

Mr. Scott! Shields aft!

How soon til we have phasers?

I want sharks with friggin lasers attached to their heads.

Failing that, I'll take a delicious sea bass.


There has been an existential bent to the misguided web searchers coming here lately.

Recent google searches that have led people here:

-I miss the comfort in being sad.

-What does fat man in the bathtub mean?

-Are you happy?

-Cancel my subscription to the resurrection.

-Mystery of the quotient.

-You can't stop me.

-Cool rings with wolves and dragons. (This may be my all-time favorite. I think Napoleon found my blog.)

- 25 cent mustache rides. (OK, I have a new favorite. It's timeless, really.)

I'm still a bike-powered fool, riding all over town on with my orange crate. I stuffed all my dry-cleaning in that basket today, picked up some lunch.

There was a moment where I downshifted to granny gear and was just pedaling 90 miles an hour but only traveling 5 miles an hour.

It was a total tard moment.

Just thought you guys should know that.


Blogger shy_smiley said...

I've watched NumChuck Tard nigh-on 45 times myself, and I still crack up everytime I see it. He's so cocksure his downfall is especially delicious.

thanks for pimpin' my blog!

7:21 PM  

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