Thursday, April 06, 2006

I think I'll go home and mull this over
Before I cram it down my throat

Here I am, back in Bozeman.

It is really snowing.

The trip to Wisconsin was emotionally intense. I saw a lot of people who are processing some heavy life situations, both good and bad.

Obviously, there was the accident in which a friend was hurt very badly.

T-Rex and Alison had their baby. (Pictures to follow.)

I met with another friend having some serious spousal issues.

I stopped by my old law firm and saw some people I had not seen since last May.

I met with someone who is in over his/her head in a business venture gone badly awry that could make his/her considerable fortune disappear.

I got to spend time with my mom. She is the greatest.

I spent some time with four different people in the midst of some career upheaval and major life change.

I spent some time with my sister from LA, which was really nice.

I spent a little time with a friend whose mother recently passed away.

I spent some time with another dear friend whose mother has a very serious cancer.

I saw a former client at a gas station and she just unloaded about a sticky family situation and begged for my help.

There was some upheaval on the school board, and a good friend and former colleague did not get re-elected the other day. Edited out of respect to my former colleagues. All I will say to the new board members is: Good Luck. You have no idea of the size and stench of the shit pile into which you have just belly-flopped, some of it of your own doing. But have fun!

I spent some time and shared some tears with a parent who recalled the last time he/she saw his/her son alive.

I got to see UJ and Carmela's new house and NEW PUPPY. (Pictures to follow.) She may be the Cutest Thing Alive.

I met with a friend who was doing some fund raising for the Humane Society, a cause near and dear to India and me. We made a donation that makes my stomach flip-flop.

I figured after all this emotional intensity, some good karma needed to be sent out into the ether.

Each one of these things really deserves its own post, but they aren't really my stories to tell.


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