Monday, April 10, 2006

You're so far away
Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore
It would be so fine to see your face at my door

Guest Blog from Henry Hill

I miss them already.

Gate 61…my old friend…my old nemesis. This life is as old as my daughter is young. Leaving was extra tuff this time. We worked so hard to make the most of 30 hours; to spend as much time with each other as possible but in the end, it’s never enough. I am learning that all the advice from books, employees, management courses, TV, internet, bar room psychologists, friends, strangers and family is useless when you give that hug and kiss good buy and she starts to cry.

I miss them already.

My baby is my life. I would jump in front of a bus to protect her. When she runs and hides, expecting me to come find her, I’m filled with so much emotion. I don’t know who is more anxious: I slowly walk down the hard wood hall making sure that every step has enough force to rumble the entire house. With each thundering pound of my foot, I hear the giggling coming from the same place as always…behind the yellow curtains in her room, there is a spot just big enough for a 20 pound ball of joy. She can’t hold back; she gives herself away every time. I’m right there now; I land my final blow and growl. She can’t take any more; the anxiety takes over and she rolls over, exposing her position. The game ends with kisses and hugs. I’m missing the good years.

I miss them already.

This last time I brought flowers and candy home with me. The candy is gone but the flowers have started to open. Before I left, they were moved from the kitchen to the bedroom. I want them to be the day’s first gentle reminder of how much I care and love her. She wants that too. We will talk daily for the next two weeks and when I’m unavailable, she will leave funny messages on my phone; I already long for the first one. I save them to be played over and over.

I miss them already.

Nice one, Henry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy Henry.

I too experienced the joys of raising youngsters.

Me elder charge and I were inseparable.

He would help me cut me steak. He would help me mow the lawn. I once tried to discover his 'secret identity' as I removed his Spider Man mask and he turned around and bit into a peice of loose leaf lying on the sofa and the sheet of paper covered his entire face when he turned around. Talk about never say die...we laughed so hard that time.

Now he is 19 and can't stand me because as far as me and me insignificant other are concerned:

There is no good guy
There is no bad guy
It's just you and me
And we can't seem to agree

Whoa, whoa whoa....

Me hopes are that with maturity, he will come to forgive he who weilds the Mighty Hammer Mjollnir!

7:31 PM  
Blogger HenrysWife said...

Thanks Joe, for such a great posting! Yet another tear shed as I read it, another tear to add to the many that I have shed over the past month. Clearly unexpected as I opened your blog and saw my baby at the end of the posting and, as I read it, realizing that "Henry" wrote it. Thank you, great man!

9:36 PM  
Anonymous ghostfacekillah said...

I need to know where Henry's window mouldings are.

6:58 PM  

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