Sunday, May 14, 2006

And I feel so much depends on the weather
So is it raining in your bedroom?
And I see that these are the eyes of disarray
Would you even care

As we drove up the Gallatin on Friday, we were talking about music. Different shows we had seen, different bands we liked.

We listened to a mix I made of acoustic tunes, we listened to the new Pearl Jam and we listened to Monte Montgomery.

We were excited about seeing Bells, as we were going to pick him up from work.

We knew we were going to have a sloppy-ass jam session later.

As we are rolling into town, Carp said, "Take me to a music store. I want to buy a drum kit."


"I want to buy a drum set. We're gonna jam, right?"


"Just take me. I'm getting a drum set."

"But, we have a drum and some percussion instruments."

"Fuck that. I'm getting a drum set."

So, we waltz into Music Villa and Carp throws down on a set, we load it into his truck and head over to pick up Bells.

Just like that.

It was the mother of all impulse buys, and it was beautiful.

The sunset behind Bells' house was beautiful, too.

Alicia made sushi.

Aden says, "What's crackin'?"

Puck was taking care of everyone.

After dinner, it was time to Rawk!

We made a lot of noise and had a lot of fun.

Just like old times.


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