Monday, May 08, 2006

What the fuck is this world
running to, you didn't
leave a message
Least I
Could've heard your voice one last time

Hollywood time...

How are they going to wrap up the Soprano's in three episodes? It can't be over in three episodes. It can't.

I am also hooked on the HBO show, Entourage. Turtle and Johnny Drama are two of the best supporting characters on television, but Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold character is the best.

Neither India nor I have ever seen an episode of American Idol.

For good measure, I have also never seen an episode fo Everybody Loves Raymond.

Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12 and Out of Sight have been playing a lot on cable. I can watch any of these movies, at any time, from any point... and I have been. I think George Clooney should run for President in 2008 with Steven Soderbergh as his running mate. These movies should be their platform. Short of a Vic Tayback/Potsie team, I couldn't think of a better ticket.

As I typed this, Jack Bauer just landed a commercial passenger plane on the freeway. Fantastic.

I don't care if he's batshit crazy; I'll still see go Mission Impossible. I will also see the new X-Men. I liked the previous incarnations of both of these movies.

ESPN 2 is running something titled, "World Paintball Championships." I will now attempt to swallow my own tongue.



Blogger Motor City Monk said...

The real question is did you get sucked into the whole David Blaine breath hold extravaganza? I sure did.

It's actually the first time I bought into any of his stunts. I thought it was compelling to watch him struggle for breath after 7 minutes under water, failing to break the 9 minute record - I'm now a David Blaine fan.

I think he should try it again and be buried alive in a sand dune for over 9 minutes.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous aerotica said...

I recommend "Doctor Who" on SciFi channel Friday and Sunday nights. It's always nice to find an alien who calls human beings "thick". (Have I ever steered you wrong????)

In other entertainment news, any thoughts on what they might have found when they drilled into Keith Richards' head?

6:45 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

No- I didn't see David Blaine. The only "regular tv" I watch is 24.

Other than that, I am pretty much up in to 200's and 300's watching hbo, cinemax, encore, bravo, comedy central.

I used to watch Dr. Who when I was younger, during the Tom Baker years. Are they still cranking that show out???

You were correct on the Scissor Sisters. They rule.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Coach Ky said...

If I do win the lottery, Michelle said I can have my own Entourage for one week. Joe, I am asking you to be in. Although I do not want you to be Turtle, I do want you to be my driver.

8:23 PM  

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