Saturday, June 17, 2006

I felt the earth on Monday
It moved beneath my feet
In the form of a morning paper
Laid out for me to see
Saw his face in a corner picture

I recognized the name
Could not stop staring at the
Face I'd never see again

Today, I'm kind of doing nothing.

I'll run later, but I don't intend to do a damn thing other than that.

Just chilling and recharging the batteries. It is going to be really hectic for the next few weeks. Minneapolis Monday for some business and visiting Demi and Ashton, whom I have now decided to call Gerard, then back to Bozeman a week or so, then Wisconsin for UJ and Carmela's wedding & a Pearl Jam concert, then back to Bozeman for two days, then Will Danger and I venture into the Beartooth Wilderness for a bear-dodging, fly-fishing, bush-whacking, scree-scrambling, mustache-growing contest.


I am tired just writing that.

My friend Blain was driving through last night with his son, Jackson. We watched Star Wars and they ended up staying over.

Blain is a funny m-fer.

And I know funny.

Phil Mickelson is one fat tub.

Just sayin'.

My dog, Puck, just took a huge dump on the floor then proceeded to go ahead and punish himself. If only I could get him to clean it up, too.

(Both our dogs are extremely well-behaved. This was my fault. I hadn't let them out for a loooong time.)

Anyway, when he does something wrong, he walks up to me, squints his eyes like he is flinching and starts to shiver like crazy.

He feels guilty and just proceeds to punish himself.

It's so damn funny that all you can do is laugh.

Seriously, I don't even yell at him, and there's really no point in swatting a 14 year old lab. That's like screaming and hitting a 98 year old man.

Even though we must be very wary, and remember that these are wild, ferocious beasts that could turn on us at any moment.




Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


Blogger LindzyPinzy said...

cute photos:)

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

You have really cute animal photos here and only one person commented? What is the world coming to?

8:41 PM  

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