Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Listen to the river sing sweet songs

I am sifting through all my Beartooth pictures and re-sizing them to be blog friendly. Soon, soon, sons and daughters of Scotland.

(Much of the Beartooths is above treeline, and reminds me of Scotland. Plus, I am pretty sure we saw a group of Scotland's wizards getting together to protect Nessie, our underwater ally, from explosive-detonating Japanese scientists.)

In the meantime, we've got a guest blog extravaganza.

Quagmire updates from India:

Well, I didn't think I would be writing again so soon, but our first day of clinic was cancelled. I was supposed to be travelling out to the rural areas where I will be spending the week but the rain has halted all trains. It has been raining constantly since I got here.

I mean that literally, the rain has not stopped even for a few minutes. It is the monsoon season here and July is the most intense month. Also, it's not sprinkling, but rather Midwest in may pounding rain -- big fat drops like those giant jawbreakers you can buy for a quarter in gumball machines. But it's not terribly hot, the rain is warm, and the mosquitoes are not due to emerge until August. It's actually kind of pleasant.

I am now staying in the third place I have been lodged on the trip.
The first was my intimate rendezvous with Lassa, the happy Norse. The next night I stayed at a University guesthouse. I am now where I will be permanently - a hotel suite about 5 min from Klima University. To add more irony to the story, whereas the first night I shared a tiny bed with Thor, I now sleep in a queen size bed alone. I also have AC, a hot shower and can order room service. My roommate is my friend from school who speaks Hindi - a very useful little friend to have. I would say that I have landed on my feet here.

We got our cell phones yesterday at orientation. I would give everyone I know a call except I don't have any numbers. They're all in my personal cell phone, which is sitting on my desk, in the Bronx.

But really, this is me, I probably wouldn't call anyway. I'm just not that guy. If you feel strongly, send me your number and I'll do what I can.

Well, that's all I have for now. Thanks to all who wrote back. I'll update again when I get the chance and I'll try to have more entertaining material next time.


P.S. The dysentery fairy is dead, long live the malaria fairy.


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