Friday, March 30, 2007

Let's play Twister
Let's play Risk

I was wondering about what I would wish away, if wishes came true.

(we're gonna be friends - white stripes)
((i love that freaking song.))

Everyone is into wishing for something, like ten million dollars.

What would you wish away?

Would you wish you hadn't... ?

Would you wish there wasn't... ?

I would wish away the morons.

Yeah, morons.

The definition of who is a moron would be judged solely by me, as I have vast expertise on the subject.

My skill has been honed by years, nay, decades, of moron detection. I have almost a preternatural moron awareness.

Sure, I know you're thinking- i know an idiot when i see one. i know plenty of idiots.- but I'm like Luke Skywalker with the blindfold.

I can sense them.

You could drug me, blindfold me, have a donkey kick me in the head, spin me around five times and set me in the middle of a Sri Lankan jungle.

I'll stretch out with my feelings and find you a fucking moron.

Because I just gots it like that.


Here's another cool video of R.E.M. and Eddie Vedder doing "Man on the Moon."




I had actually never heard the White Stripes song. I liked it. It reminded me of a cross between Peter,Paul and Mary and John my book this is good. :-)

I will have to think about the wishes question. Off the top of my head this week,I wish that annoying movie goers could get treated to their own behavior.

I have always loved Man on the Moon. :-)

12:17 AM  

Oh...and I have always been a huge Pearl Jam fan. :-)

12:21 AM  
Blogger Mike Angie Patrick said...

It usually only takes about 3 seconds to identify a moron. You'll be listening to some guy and suddenly say, "This guy's a fuckin' moron."

Other people they're not morons - they're full of shit. That doesn't take long either. You'll be listening to some guy and say, "Well, he's fairly intelligent. . . . Ah - he's full of shit."

2:19 PM  

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