Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And the people that you met
And it's your first cigarette

Literally illiterate.

Defenestration, is the act of throwing someone out the window.

We've finally decided what we are going to play on Saturday at the Cinco de Mayo party. I'm pleased. We just learned one tonight, "The Littlest Birds," by Jolie Holland. Great song. It's on iTunes, if you are interested. Or defenestrated.

Have you ever taken a nap under your desk at work?

Do you know any slow folk who just love to dig?

If anyone answered both of those questions "yes," please send me an email. I am looking for an intern.

Because, boy, if you have ever seen somebody differently-abled go to town with a shovel... well, then you know what I am talking about. I mean, there is something about watching someone with a double digit IQ slingin' dirt. It's practically feral.

(Don't worry. I know. I'm going straight to Hell.)

Everyone who comes to my house rings the gong now. Even better, most visitors ring it every time they come over. Gonging can become habit-forming.

It is a strangely satisfying thing, striking a gong. Very enjoyable. You don't have to hit it hard, although some do. A slowly shimmering, rapid series of strikes, moving from the outer edge in, produces quite sensation.

Hey, don't knock it, til you've tried it.

Screw you for judging me. And everyone else who bangs the gong.

I'm starting the Anti-Gong Defamation League.

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Blogger b-lain said...

indeed, I have slept under the desk

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Fred Shero said...

Are the Doo-Doo Mittens going on before or after the De La Hoya-Merriweather fight?

This fight fan can picture you guys gigging basking in the glory of a De Lay Hoya victory over that contankerous wannabe Sugar Ray.

Boxing is going the way of the dinosaur so enjoy this match.

Brazilan jujitsu rules!

9:03 AM  
Anonymous P's Daughter M said...

In medical terminology a "fenestration" is a hole or opening usually used to describe a man-made hole.. or window.....
Ironically. Developmentally impaired beings delve themselves some wonderful ground fenestrations.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

We had a guy work for us about 10 years ago, he would dig all day, if you told him it was lunchtime it was all over... we put all the fans from the fabshop out in the yard on a windy day and asked him why the fans were on outside.. he stood there for 8 hours pondering.. I was never so happy to pay someone...

7:46 PM  

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