Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm a thief, I'm a liar
Here's my church and I sing in the choir

I could get used to this, being an expatriate.

Pretending, depending, wondering, wandering, floating, smiling, styling, profiling, playing, straying, squinting, speaking, walking, talking, singing, reading.

Oh well.


Anonymous k-top said...

It's evolution baby!!!

Are you hungry?
The Dali Freakin' Lama was recently in Madison.
There was a big "to do" about whether or not it should have been allowed to display a sign of the Bhuddist faith on the top of the capitol building to mark and signify one of the most anticipated and revered moments in even one life of one bhudist in Madison.
All in all from all accounts including from the mouth of his holiness as was a successful venture on the path to enlightenment.
They were scalping tickets to see the Dali Llama
They were scalping tickets to see the Dali Llama at the Khol center

11:17 PM  

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