Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me

In the elevator of my hotel, there is a sign boasting of a Mexican Fiesta on Saturday.

Among the list of activities, such as traditional dances and costumes, is "Cock Fights."

This elicited a series of reactions:

1. Mild disgust. I am an animal lover, after all.

2. Amusement, given that we are situated in a very gay section of Puerto Vallarta. I have been ogled and mentally undressed (by men) about 45 times a day, while Stanette goes practically unnoticed (except by me) in her itsy-bisty, teeny-weenie bikini.

Seriously, it's like the Gay Pride Parade, the Gay Olympics and Dancing with the Stars all rolled up into one sassy, tastefully appointed burrito.

So, cockfighting could mean something entirely different, for all I know.

3. Finally, I cannot stop saying, "Little Jerry Seinfeld goes down in the 5th."

That is all, amigos.

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Blogger sAssY brOwn said...

Ha, i loved that cockfighting episode (i just wrote cockfighting, tee hee).

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Fred Shero said...

There is this little Mexican kitchen worker at the local job site eatery.

One of the handsomest little Mexicans I have ever seen; built like O/+>.

When he wraps me order he gets all starry-eyed even though I'm old enough to be his dad.

Must be the mustache. It grew in even better after it was shaved on Halloween after a bad trim job whilst enibriated.

I avert eye contact and avoid expressing disdain to decrease the risk of finding foreign objects, fluids and yes, pendejos in me repast.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Coach Ky said...

1. Little Jerry Seinfeld must go down in the third round of tomorrow's main event.

Not the 5th round as stated. I am a Seinfeld geek. Sorry.

2. It is not paranoia if everyone IS really out to get you

9:43 PM  

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