Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I can't tell you why

I hate the fuckin Eagles, man.

It has been too long.

I have been busy with other things.

My mom was out for a nice visit.

I have been playing guitar.

Working on my art project with K-Top. I have all my supplies, and have launched a few sorties.

I have been working.

Working things out.

Keeping it real.

Like O.J.

Orenthal James Simpson.

He was the first player in the NFL to rush for 2000 yards, in 1973. He did it in a 14 game season. They now play 16 games. His record stood until 1997, when Barry Sanders broke it.

So you better recognize.

Or else OJ will cut you.




Anonymous k-top said...

So......OJ REALLY did it this time?
Because if he did it...there may be another book deal.

8:39 AM  

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