Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She's go eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain

Green Bay is 3-0, atop the NFC.

USC is 3-0, and ranked #1.

Boston College is 4-0, and ranked # 12.

Wisconsin is 4-0 (a shaky 4-0, but undefeated is undefeated), and ranked #9.

There is visible snow down to about 8000 feet in the mountains.

I have secured my passes for the upcoming season- unlimited at Moonlight Basin and a 15 day-er at Big Sky... and I am excited.

My mother visited two weeks ago and we had a great time. We hung out, drove over the Beartooth Pass, which is gorgeous, and had an all-around good time.

Last weekend was rainy & cold, so Stanette and I aborted plans to go to the Boiling River and soak. We hung around instead, grilled a pork tenderloin, played a ton of guitar (at least I did--- learned some new stuff, which was good), watched a bunch of Sopranos, the movie Factory Girl and just chilled.

Bells came over Sunday for a few hours, which was nice. I haven't seen a lot of him in the last month, except for the class reunion. I taught him a few songs on bass. He is kind of a natural at it, except I feel like a taskmaster. We had fun.

I also spent some time working on an art project, which goes in the mail to my co-conspirator this week. (K-Top- I am gonna throw Rant in there too for you. Do you have it already?)

It is kind of that slow time before the snow flies, but is filled with some very good things. There have been some interesting and exciting business developments, but I don't write about that here.

It is one month until Halloween, and I need to find a costume...

P.S. To any of my friends or family who read this and are contemplating a visit, please let me know as soon as possible. I am trying to get my dance card organized. (What the hell is a dance card anyway? You go to a dance and have a schedule of dance parters, organized by time and duration of dance?)


Anonymous k-top said...

If "Rant" is the new Chucky vehicle then ,...no,I don't have it and would be VERY greatful for a good read.
Wish I could visit soon but $(pesky little symbol that rules the world) is in short supply.
btw--was at a wedding recently where the groom's father died the day of---the freaking day of the wedding. Still went off without any other hitches or violent acts---unless you beleive that a groom taking mescaline on the eve of his betrothel is a violent act. Oh yes he did...and everything STILL went smoothly.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous k-top said...

also---can't wait to get started on the project.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Vess said...

Joe, I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer waiting. How do you suggest I cook it.

Last time I grilled it 7 minutes on one side, 6 on the other and left it sit for 5 with the grill off. Was good, but would like to try something else...


4:16 PM  
Anonymous JKP (and the fam) said...

Dude, this next summer is our contemplated bi-annual trip west. Montana is on our list (I believe at the top at this point). Don't know if it'll happen but we hope so. Be cool if we could get Philip and his better half to join us.

7:12 PM  

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