Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When you look at them, look right through them
That's when they disappear

I am embarking an art project with my freiend, K-Top.

We decided tonight; I lifted the idea from another artist.

We are going to send a book back and forth in the mail. A blank book. It will be writing and pictures and sketches and paste and paint.

The idea is to send it back and forth in the mail and work over what the other does.

I stole the idea from Stacie. We went to her show tonight. The idea started with a book, and then it was another book, and canvases, and other media.

It was really moving.

I called K-Top from the show, because I thought of him right away. I left a message.

We went home and put in a Bill Hicks DVD. (Dude was funny. Period. And I know funny.)

K-Top called me back, and asked me what I was doing.

"Making a quesadilla and watching a Bill Hick DVD."

"No way! I'm watching a Bill Hicks DVD."

Bill Hicks died in the early 90's. It was a rather random coincidence.

Anyway, he is in for the art project. I'd like to involve his brothers, Tony and Eric, but Tony is probably too busy and I am not sure Eric would be interested.

See you around.


Anonymous k-top said...

I was thinking of them as well. you may be right about T-rex. Tony may be very busy but I bet he would love to have some input. Eric...the only thing that would be hard to nail down is if the piece would be returned in a timely--work on it for a couple weeks max not months before he thought to send it back--type way.
I know the work HE would do would be pretty cool as I'm sure you remember he did some pretty cool stuff back in the day and still continues to produce it at his leisure these days still.
I'm pretty sure they both (Tony for sure) read this blog so they may be getting in touch with you about it. May not be a bad idea to pre-empt this communication. Though the idea of it being between us only is also appealing in that we wouldn't have to wait for any one else to return or otherwise climb on board for the dealio. Up to you ,Maestro of the Aesthetic.
First the Mitten..now this. Where will your ambition for world domination lead you to next,I wonder.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous k-top said...

And by the way....this is the kicker....it was the SAME FREAKING DVD...his final three appearances that were recorded. the last one on the DVD being in London.
The edgiest being at the Montreal Comedy Festival. (in my opinion)

8:35 PM  
Anonymous k-top said...

are... are you,...
are you eating an apple right now Joe ?
ok this is GOT to stop happening.

9:15 PM  

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