Monday, October 01, 2007

Once I built an ivory tower
So I could worship from above
When I climbed down to be set free
She took me in again

The senate approved another $ 150 billion for the war.

$ 150 billion dollars.

Try and say that out loud and not sound like Dr. Evil.


I revisited the ukelele this weekend.

I can do You Can't Always Get What You Want fairly well.

I also played a little bass, and a lot of guitar.


I am reading JPod by Douglas Coupland.

And a science fiction anthology.

And some Bukowski (Post Office).

Also, I have been listening to the soundtrack from Into The Wild, by Eddie Vedder. It's pretty good. I want to see the movie now, but I will probably wait until netflix has it because I don't want to leave my house unless it is absolutely necessary.

Like if I need some Ben & Jerry's. (Steven Colbert's Americone Dream almost sent me ino a coma. It's that good.)


Some lady tapped me on the shoulder the other day in Rockford Coffee, on Main Street in Bozeman. Well, she didn't tap me on the shoulder, but she looked at me funny, and asked if I was the Dude, with the website.

It was kind of freaky, but it was cool.

She was tall, with blonde hair, sunglasses and an english accent.

I wish I was making this up, but I swear I am not.

I think I turned beet red.

But thank you, strange lady.

Glad you like it.




Blogger sAssY brOwn said...

I just watched factotum, love Matt Dillon.

9:20 PM  

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