Monday, November 12, 2007

I said, woman, take it slow
It'll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience

Today's projects involved:

Silent Night

My Favorite Things

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Wishlist (Not a Christmas song, but I can play it, and it mentions Christmas)

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Rainbow Connection (See wishlist, minus the christmas mention)


A couple others that were easy enough for me to play, but she didn't want to sing them... plus some that she wanted to sing, but were too hard for me to play. Friggin jazz chords.


Oh, you should know what Stanette made for dinner.


She took a pork tenderloin and rolled it in that really spicy dijon mustard, with the intact brown seeds. Then she rolled it in some honey and crushed hazelnuts and seared it, making a crust of the mustard, honey and nuts.

Sweet Baby Jesus.

In the meantime, she had some yam and sweet potato - sea salt and something, baking in a casserole pan in the oven at 425.

When the tenderloin was seared, she put it on top of the stuff in the casserole.

It cooked for a while, and she, I don't know- seared? wilted? blanched? - I think it was "wilted" some swiss chard in a frying pan.

If I haven't yet mentioned Sweet Baby Jesus, wearing a tuxedo t-shirt that says he's ready to party, yet kind of serious, then maybe I should: Sweet Baby Jesus.

It was really, really good.

It would have buckled a vegetarian's knees.


Then we watched some National Geographic channel shows about Yellowstone (buffalos gettin' it on! The show was called "Thunderbeasts," which, interestingly, is what I call myself when I'm gettin' it on).

Then Something About Mary came on. We got through the FRANKS AND BEANS scene, UJ called and Stanette went to bed.

So, here I am, listening to Guns and writing this crap for your workday entertainment.

I bet you'd like it if I had some Cool Whip and sprinkles, wouldn't you?

And some hot fudge?

Come on.


This video is described as Daft Punk Technologic (Creepy), and I have to say, it is creepy:



Blogger sAssY brOwn said...

i'm hungry.

10:10 AM  
Blogger P. said...

I need the details on the yam/sweet potato/sea salt/something.

You've got quite the song list going on. Do you commit all these to memory or what? I would need a cheat in 3-ring binder.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

Sounds delish.

Thinking of taking the kids to yellowstone next summer. Might as well combine vacation and sex-ed.

I was watching something else about yellowstone last night, but it was more about people that went off road and were attacked by bears.

"Thunder beasts" I don't think my heart could handle it.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous ktop said...

Saw American ganster about 2 weeks before it was released ona site called....drum roll please:
project free tv
do the dot com thing and google it
you will be able to view new movies,tv you want to catch up on(see:Sopranos,Family Guy,Futurama,Weeds)
awesome site
posting this here so that all who enjoy your blog will reap the benfit
thanks for the pardon for the exchange prgram
I have been slacking on that lately
I will tie it off and get it out soon
Say hello to sissy for me(the one im infatuted with who isnt married) and to the folks as well
Have a great T-day

3:46 PM  
Anonymous SB said...

Just saw Into The Wild, you should check it, i think you'd like it.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Love Daft Punk.

10:44 PM  

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