Saturday, December 01, 2007

And if I'm well you can tell
She's been with me now
She's been with me now, quite a long,long time
And I feel fine

I am writing this from a brand, spanking new computer.

Brand new.

I am hanging out with my dad.

I am listening to James Taylor, which reminds me of my mother.

My mother and my father had an understanding. If my mom ever met James Taylor or Clint Eastwood, it was on like Donkey Kong. We knew that if my mom ever met one of those two gentlemen, she had carte blanche to run off into the sunset, listening to acoustic guitar and punching out uppity orangutans.

I am not kidding. My mom was, like, listen kids... now that John Lennon has been killed by some psycho, the list of people for whom I will leave your father has been narrowed to two: James Taylor and Clint Eastwood. I'm going to Carolina in my Mind.


Why don't you silently remind me of the good times?

Can you?

My dad is here. We have a gig tomorrow. I have been rehearsing my ass off. My dad is loving it. We've arranged some classic Christmas songs into something ... different. A bunch of people (besides my dad) are coming to show some solidarity.

My dad will probs record some of it. I just don't know if it will make to you, dear reader.

Stanette has played before 25,0000 people before. No shit. Back in the day, she opened for Hootie and the Blowfish. Put aside, for a moment, the ridiculousness of that and imagine being onstage before a shitload of people. If you can't do it, imagine opening for Cypress Hill. I know I am am name-dropping, but it happened, and we've been rehearsing, and I am all like, dude. You expect me to throw down like some jazz musician?

(Hey, check this out. As part of the new computer, we scanned in these pictures of Stanny.

Check it...

Nevertheless, we shall throw down, and keep it real in an old school way. A bunch of our friends are coming, including, but not limited to Aden.

I am nervous.

Ain't happening.

But you know whaT I can do?

I can throw down like James Brown.

We have a little Holly Jolly, Rainbow Connection, My Favorite Things, I Saw Mommy, Silent Night, Wishlist going on. Then there is someother non-Christmas-y stuff.

Because, Screw Jesus.

I stopped putting our music online after one of you douchebags made an off-color comment. And then we cracked down on the smackdown.



Blogger sAssY brOwn said...

Well, what band was Stanette or izzz it a secret?

4:54 PM  
Anonymous ktop said...

Have a great time with the show. I think it's really great you're taking it to the streets. A big hello to your pops. Hello to Stanny as well.
Big snow storm here tonight.Now instead of all dead it's all white.'s all white baby it's alll white now...(free)

10:30 PM  
Blogger Mike Angie Patrick Aaron said...

Call out the douchebag. As for me, you should remember that your posts of your playing has prompted me on quite a few occasions to pull my guitar out of the side of my closet and play it again and again. I have spent times in the last 6 months learning 867-5309/Jenny and some G&R simply b/c you reminded me that I can play music. Yeah, I know that I will never be a big rock star anymore but it doesn't stop me from playing. I don't do it to please the douchebags of this world. I do it b/c I like it.

7:53 AM  
Blogger hotlipz said...

It wasn't me.

5:05 PM  
Blogger P. said...

Stanette is stunningly gorgeous in that picture.

4:59 PM  

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