Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lately something's changed
It ain't hard to define
Jesse's got himself a girl
And I want to make her mine

We have a lead guitar player and another singer in the Mitten.


Omar, the "I WILL KILL YOUR DOG" guy, was a rock star in Pakistan. He is legit.

We've now played together three times, and dude can lay down some leads and sing.

He and his wife, Wilma (for real, and if you're wondering, a lovely native Idahoan) had us over for dinner.

One thing led to another and we ended up playing some music.

We actually, for real, did some three-part harmony over acoustic guitar, which was in-credible.

Really, really nice.

I am fairly stoked.

Sunday, I am taking Omar, his guitar, the amplifiers, the pedals, the Les Paul, the acoustic-electric, a new hi-hat, the bass and the mic over to Bells' house.

This one will be just the boys, gettin' down.

No Girls Allowed.

There will be homemade beer, Bells-style.

The plan is to lay down some mighty mighty and see what comes of it.

Hi, if you're reading this.

I've had some strange traffic patterns lately.

A bunch of hits from the McMurdo base on Antartica.

What up?

You guys keeping the eggs warm on top of your feet?

Mmmm. Eggs.

I wonder what penguin bacon tastes like.

Probably pretty damn good.

There are only so many people on this earth who can pull off a fez and a feather boa.

I thank the Lord every day I am one of them.



Anonymous brokejaw said...

Remember the old "BIRD vs. MAGIC" video game? that rocked..... Not sure about the feather boa, but BUZZ once adorned a fez!

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Jocko said...

My old buddy Buzz once adorned one, but thats a whole other story.I'm keeping it "real up in the field" down here in Florida with the wife.Sure dont miss the snow.82degrees today

1:50 PM  
Blogger BUZZ said...

I proudly wear a Fez permanently on my left arm.
It was quite a topic back in the day.

Good to see you Jocko and Brokejaw.
Jocko, you should check out MY blog.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Fred Shero said...

Will never forget the time b.o.b. felt that Doctor Ivan's fez was sitting a tad askew on his head.

He proceeded to jam it down with his fist to secure its perch during the MWS Deux.

Ivan was miffed.


10:10 AM  

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