Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feeling unknown and you're all alone
Flesh and bone
By the telephone

Thanks for all the engagement congratulations from you readers.

In turn, I have to apologize for my blog neglect.

I have been playing, literally, 3 - 9 hours of guitar per day. I have been working on that traveling sketchbook art project.

I have become proficient at the drums.

I have been making money, hand over fist, in ruthless fashion.

I have a hernia.

I have tickled upon the practice of law for some friends and connections. It's weird how you never really stop being a lawyer. It's like the mafia. Just when I think I'm out, they ... drag ... me back ... in.

I wish I could have told you that I got my hernia having some wild jungle sex.

Or maybe that I rolled out of a moving car, because the man was on right my ass, and I had a warrant out.

This blog is NOT all there is to my life.

You would be sorely mistaken if you thought that.

For one, I am laying down some serious shit in my Beat Laboratory. You can't hear that. In fact, you have no idea.

I am thinking about a subtitle for the Beat Laboratory.

Boogie Station

I am also thinking about a subtitle, or perhaps some kind of prequel for the Beat Laboratory/Boogie Station.

The Funk Cave.

That gives me the flexibility to mix and match.

Funk Station or Boogie Cave.

I'll probably install a pole, so I can slide down to the garage without having to bother with the stairs.

And it would be handy for all the stippers hanging out here.

That's how I got my hernia!

Men's night at the strip club.

I was upside-down, arms extended, back arched, suspended six feet above the stage, with only the friction of my thighs to hold me.

I better stop this before you get too turned on.

I can't aford a scene with paparazzi, escpecially since I just became a lesbian.

Peace out.

I won't see you for a few days. I am going to see Willie Nelson Friday. UH, that'll suck worse than homework.


Blogger Tattooless Freak said...

Damn, I don't stop by for a few weeks and look how far behind I've fallen...Con-frickin-grats on the engagement!!! You and Stanette seem extremely compatible and happy - nice to see! I guess there truly is life after the dissolution of the first marriage - if I'm lucky maybe I'll get to taste that too. Sweet new pad too!

9:33 AM  
Blogger Eve Grey said...

How about the Boogie Station? Although, the word boogie just reminds me of boogers.

7:48 PM  

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