Monday, September 08, 2008

I'll buy you a diamond ring, my friend
If it makes you feel alright

On Labor Day, summer ended with a thud here in the mountains of Montana. It rained and, yes, snowed at elevation. It has been cold and intermittently rainy ever since.

That didn't spoil a really fun long weekend with my sister and her boyfriend, Garrett. We did a little sightseeing, but mostly, we just hung out at the house, cooking, playing dominoes and laughing. I hope they come back soon.

On a realted note, we are having trouble leaving the new house. It is a great place to hang out. It will be even better when it is done. I am meeting with Ross, my buddy and former next door neighbor, about the landscaping, hot tub, claw foot tub and some other doo-dads in an hour.

It's going to be a good winter. I hope we get a ton of snow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you crazy??
Montana is colder than Alaska when it snows!!
In Miles City, in the early 1960's, i walked to school
(in a dress)
when it was 30 below zero...brrrrr

11:06 PM  

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