Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've got a Gibson
Without a case
But I can't get that
Even, tanned look on my face

Every year is the same

And I feel it again,

I'm a loser, no chance to win.

Leaves start falling

Come down is calling

Loneliness starts sinking in.

But I'm one.

I am one.

And I can see

That this is me

And I will be,

You'll all see

I'm the one.

Where do you get

Those blue blue jeans?

Faded patched secret so tight.

Where do you get,

That walk oh so lean?

Your shoes and your shirts

All just right.

But I'm one.

I am one.

I got a Gibson,

Without a case

But I can't get that even tanned look on my face.

Ill fitting clothes

I blend in the crowd,

Fingers so clumsy

Voice too loud.

But I'm one.

You'll all see.



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