Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The supervisor guy turns off the factory lights
So the robots have to work in the dark

It was "Hatchet Day" in my company today.

All around the country, managers in my company fired 2500 people. They received packets with marching orders (the "who") at their home addresses, and then a phone call from headquarters as to protocol (the "how").

Our little Bozeman office wasn't affected, as we were tenatively sold to another entity recently. We will know a little more about our future by May 11th.

Nevertheless, a few of my friends and many acquaintances were escorted from their respective offices today by management.

I so dearly wish I could write more about the situation, but some small instinct for self-preservation still exists in the reptilian core of my brain.

The whole thing makes me want to go burn some tires in my yard for Earth Day.


Anonymous aerotica said...

Working in the industry that started this whole mess, I have nursed my ulcer through many "hatchet days" in the past 18 months, and I feel your pain. It is difficult to walk that fine line between one's own relief and the dismay of a friend. My employer prefers to "invite" the hatchetees to a group meeting in HR with 15 to 30 minutes notice. Those remaining behind tend to make frequent trips to the smoking pavilion.

7:13 PM  

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