Saturday, May 02, 2009


You could've been a wonder.

Trying to dovetail an absurdly gorgeous day into an eventful evening. I'm skipping a party. Yes, me. Skipping a party. It didn't dovetail with the comedy show plans for later.

We went to a nursery today, bought a bunch of containers and plants... basically hot peppers of several varieties, cilantro, basil, what have you.

It was $ 222.

I could back a frigging pickup truck up to Albertsons and fill it with peppers and basil for $ 222.

We're getting back to the land, in case the shit goes down. You urban folks will be fighting in Thunderdome for canned beans, and I'll be snacking on homegrown habaneros and cilantro.

Maybe I'll get a goat. What I really need is a lawnmower, but I figure the goat can handle that. Plus, goat cheese. Are they tricky to milk?

(Pause. Picture me milking a goat in my backyard with a big bowl of cilantro and peppers, wishing I had some chips.)

Before buying the world's most expensive cilantro, we went to the gym. It was a masochistic hour and a half. I lifted weights with 30 second breaks between sets for a half hour, then climbed on the step-mill for 55 minutes at 70 steps per minute, watching a killer hockey game between the Caps and Penguins.

(Did anybody see that save by the Caps goalie? I think it was on a Crosby shot. He was totally out of position, and reached back wih his stick and plucked it right off the line. Pretty incredible.)

After that, we went to Ted's for lunch & a drink. We meandered around downtown, and then went to the nursery to buy the aforementioned. I'll be sure to take photos of their progress. Let's treat it like we cloned the family dog.

In other Dude-related news... I spent some tax return money on a loop station pedal, a new set of hi-hat cymbals and a talkbox.

The talk box arrived Friday. I was playing with it until 1 in the morning up in the Boogie Station. It's pretty strange. The pedal itself has a pre-amp, and a little speaker that is the diameter of the tube.

You run your guitar through your normal rig and amp, but the entire sound is diverted through this rubber tube that you attach to your microphone. The sound travels through the tube and into your mouth, and you echo it back into the microphone. Nothing comes out of the guitar amp; it is all funneled up through the tube and through the vocal amp.

Trippy. And fun. And kind of gross, because of the spit factor. I sure am glad I didn't buy a used one.

Anyway, as much as I'd love to sit here and transcribe all of the ridiculousness that is my life, I gotta go. (I capture less than 1% of it here. If I had a dollar for everytime I said, "I wish I had a camera," or "I should write this down. Nobody's gonna believe it," I'd have a lot of dollars.)

There's livin' that needs to be done.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What hapened to the dad's old camera

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The talk box (or the Magic Bag, as it was also known as) was first played, as far as I know, by the one and only Jeff Beck in the early 70's. In concert he'd use it to introduce and solo in the song "Superstition". That's right, the Stevie Wonder song.

During a Beck recording session, Stevie started playing the basic riff. Realizing what he had just done, he stopped and told Jeff that he was paying for the session and they flushed out the song. He was gong to let Jeff release it as a single but then his record company rushed out his version.


1:42 PM  

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