Monday, May 25, 2009

He was due home yesterday
But he ain't here

Tomorrow, I get on a plane and fly to San Francisco.

Tell me music is no good these days.

I'll tell you...

It is as good as it ever was.

Happy Memorial Day, Tony Sauer.

Thank you for serving your country. You are my second favorite veteran, right after my dad.

My dad served on an aircraft carrier and taught phillipino kids to brush their teeth; Tony jumped out of airplanes and drove high brass around Kuwait.

Wait. Actually, my dad is #2. Tony is #3.


John J. Rambo.

Who else?

P.S. The ribs were freaking ridiculous, with cornbread, slaw and some low down dirty barbecue beans.

P.P.S. Pete Townshend

Praise Cheesus.



Blogger xTx said...

what's in SF?

7:58 AM  

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