Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I wish I was special

I miss Wisconsin in the summer.

This is the dizzy bird, Isabella Bird Sauer.

She is gonna break some hearts right in half.

Rip it right out of your chest and show it to you, still beating.

All of these pictures are at my mom and dad's house.

Hiawatha Drive. Represent.

The Dam.


Blogger k-top said...

There ain't nothing dizzy about that Bird....she's as smart as a whip. Emphasis on the "h" in whip.
As in "cool wHip.."

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Nanner said...

Wisconsin misses you too! Hitting Summerfest tomorrow - I'll have a beer at our usual meeting spot.

8:30 PM  
Blogger k-top said...

Hey Nanner..can you have one for me too? Feel free to have that at OUR usual meeting spot..though I think that would be a bit of a drive since Morry's is in the Dam.

12:09 PM  

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