Sunday, July 04, 2010

Used to see him walking down the road on US 41

The new Tom Petty record Mojo has been getting some seriously heavy rotation lately. Also, a Tom Waits album my friend, Kris, burned for me while I was home. I think it is called "Rain Dogs."

I am going to mow my lawn. I am going to get into a kayak and get on a river. I am going to do a lot of things. I am going to start a band. I am going to carry a torch. I am going to flush it all away. I am going to let the whole thing go up in smoke. I am going to disappear completely. I am going to exist in the shadows. I am going to do the Watusi. I am going to punch a hole in it. I am going to celebrate my independence from England. I am going to fire all of my guns at once and explode into space.

That is all for now, because I really am going to mow my lawn. And every time I do, a little piece of me crawls into a middle-aged suburban hell and dies.


Blogger k-top said...

It is called Rain Dogs.
I was looking for Bone Machine which is also definitely worth a listen,but could not find it in my scattered collection.
Glad you are enjoying it.
Good stuff.Visceral.

7:26 AM  
Blogger humming in the night skull said...

Tom Waits led a crazy life too, if you ever come across a bio of him or their are some real good webpages worth checking out. Living in total debauchery in sleazy hotels and hanging out in dive bars with Ricky Lee Jones. Real good LA decadence.

7:13 AM  

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