Saturday, December 11, 2010

Don't stop til you get enough

I rode Big Sky today. It was cold in the morning, 19 degrees. Satellite radio was playing a bunch of live Pearl Jam as I drove up the canyon.

I did the full mountain tour today, rode seven different lifts, including the tram, which was just opened for the first time. It was pretty "bony" up there. (Translation from dirtbag, "Rocky.")

The rest of the mountain is in really good shape for so early in the season. It is going to be a good year. I can feel it.

My new helmet has intregrated iPod speakers in it. There is a little clip on the helmet where you can adjust volume or pause without taking your gloves off. I had a mix playlist that went from Michael Jackson to Guns-n-Roses to Daft Punk to the Clash to infinity and beyond. It was great.

Technology is badass.

I ran into a bunch of friends who I hadn't seen since last April, when Big Sky closed.

Sorry, folks, there will be no action photos because I no longer have a pocket camera. I don't want to take the camera I have up there because I'd like to actually continue to use it for more than nine months, which has been the average lifespan of the cameras here at The Dude Abides HQ.

One day, when I am living in the islands, I'll just set up a tripod and photograph the sunset every day, bring my hand to my mouth, kiss my thumb and forefingers, slowly shake my hand back and forth and say, Que bella... que bella.


Blogger humming in the night skull said...

Wearing Ipod when you're skiing/showboarding? I hope you're wearing a GPS so your buds can come dig you out if an avalanch hits. Isn't the first signs of the avalanch the noises?

Or maybe I've just read too many articles in Outside Magazine where pretty much everybody who goes out on a slope ends up buried and suffocates.

5:58 AM  

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