Saturday, February 19, 2011

Had creases as sharp as a kniffe

So, I went snowboarding today, as per the usual.

I walked into the lodge where I hang out and David Letterman walked right by me.

I lived in LA, and I have seen famous people, but I was not expecting that.

My jaw hit the floor.

He was really low key.

I almost asked him for an internship, but I am pretty sick of being sexually harrassed.

And exploited.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful.


Blogger k-top said...

Hope things are going well for you Joe and that your ankle heals quickly. With Dr. Quinn er....Hunter S Meyer there I am sure you had the best medical care within 25 ft.
(just busting balls Quagmire).
We will talk soon.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet Letterman would be hilarious to sit down and get drunk with and make sarcastic remarks about people. I don't remember Johnny Carson but it would be pretty hard to find a better talk show host than Letterman. There are some on-air battles he has had with people like Madonna on Youtube and they are hilarious once the gloves come off and real fight gets going.


11:18 AM  

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