Monday, May 30, 2005

Won't somebody tell me what diddy-wah-diddy means?

Dusty sunbeams filter through
with a warm, hazy glow.
Two bodies entwined on a
rumpled bed.

He lays diagonally, arm behind his head,
gazing at lazily flitting
motes of dust.

She is curled asleep
at his side,
with one leg stretched
over both of his,
one are draped across his stomach,
her head nestled on his shoulder,
while he slowly strokes her neck.

He carefully freezes this
moment in time.

A perfect moment,
stored for recall
during times apart.

A perfect moment,
never tarnished or sullied
with worry or strife.

We gonna break out all the windows, we gonna kick out all the doors. We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle, all night long.

I had a request for some pictures of our new house...

There's the front... with a really cute girl on the porch. (She came with the house.)

A view out the balcony at Tidy Town.

This was taken in the morning, just out the back door a bit.

A different angle.

She could hear the cars roll by, out on 441, likes waves crashin' over the beach

Yesterday, I went with my friend, M-Diggity to see Revenge of the Sith. (M-Diggity mentioned that he didn't have a rap name, so I'm calling him M-Diggity.)

So, brace yourself for my review...

Best... epsidode... ever. Not actually, but it was the best one of the new three, by a long shot. This was the story of how Darth Vader came to be. It was entertaining enough that it covered up for Hayden Christensen's acting. You could almost see the thought-bubbles over his head, "OK, I'm intense, brooding...dark..."

I haven't seen an actor try so hard in outer space since Shatner.

I have to be honest, though... I really liked the movie. Plenty of badass Jedi scenes & no Jar Jar tomfoolery.

Obviously, the special effects and action scenes are fantastic, and far exceed anything from the original trio of movies. The new trio's stories just didn't hold a candle to the old movies... until The Revenge of the Sith. George Lucas made a movie that will satisfy the older Star Wars fans, instead of simply trying to create a new legion of nine-year-old fans.

The new movies were missing the wise-ass, Harrison Ford-type, wild card character.

"I love you."

"I know."

It's hard to get much cooler than Han Solo.

And that's about enough from me on this topic... Um, yes, I'm 35 years old. And, yes, I just spent thirty minutes writing about Star Wars, googling star wars sites for pictures. How long before I am making my own costumes and attending comventions?

Maybe I need to open a comic book store.