Sunday, May 03, 2009

Big fish eat the little ones.

We went to a greasy spoon. Stanette was hesitant because she thought it might not be clean.

I saw that the parking lot was packed, which is proof positive the restaurant is worthy.

[You should know, I was never able to solve the Rubix Cube without taking it apart.]

I had "hamburger steak," eggs over easy, hash browns and sourdough toast. The toast was cut diagonally, so I had four pythagorean pieces.

I put ketchup on the hamburger and into the border of the hamburger and the hash browns.

I took a piece of toast and pirced the egg with it, causing the yplk tp run into the ketchup-egg-hash brown nexus. Then I laid the toast butter side down right into the ketchup-yolk-hash-brown goodness.

I sopped it up and ate the bread.

It was good.

After the breakfast, we ran errands. We went to Costco. I love Costco. It is my favorite store. I always want to buy something ridiculous, like a waterslide or a huge trampoline... maybe a 5 gallon bucket of soy sauce.

Then I sat on the porch and read my book while Stanette planted the world's most expensive peppers and tomatoes.

The book is by James Lee Burke. He is one of my favorite authors. He is a Louisiana & Montana guy.

Also, while I was reading, Stanette made this pork roast. She took a big, sharp knife and janned slives of garlic inside the roast, along with some other spices. She made a jalapeno-cabbage slaw, and served them as soft shell tacos.

My old business partner, Jon, joined us for dinner. It was good to see him.

We soaked in the hot tub and had some wine.

I am watching a Swedish vampire movie called Let The RIght One In.

Tomorrow is Monday.

The uphill slog. Monday is Sam carrying Frodo on his back up the slopes of Mount Doom. No food, no water, and no hope of making it back to the Shire.

Monday is the wisp of a prayer that Gandalf told Gwaihir the Eagle to rescue him from the top of Orthanc.

It seems hopeless, and, let's face it... Tomorow is Tuesday. That's bleak.

But if you hunker down, maybe have a good lunch on Monday, you can make it. Thursday isn't that far off. If you can make it til Thursday without getting sick, without getting sick.

Well, then your blissful weekend can start as early as noon.

Here is a shout out to my friend, Larry, whom I hope is enjoying his seven day weekend. You can't coach height, Larry.


Took a white orchid turned it blue

Igor, snap to it.

I can't wait for the likes of you.

When you are older, you might figure it out.

Find out what it's all about.

Back in the arms of a good friend,

I wanna love somebody, I heard you're looking for someone to love.

Back in the arms of a good friend.