Thursday, May 11, 2006

I felt the earth on Monday. It moved beneath my feet. In the form of a morning paper. Laid out for me to see.

Saw his face in a corner picture. I recognized the name.
Could not stop staring at the. Face I'd never see again.


Carp and Stacey arrived safely last night. We stayed up late, catching up.

They checked out Main St., and ate breakfast at Nova.

I caught up with them in the afternoon.

We hiked up the "M" trail, then took a nice drive behind the Bridgers.

We went out to the Sweet Pea Cafe for a fantastic feast of crab cakes, tempura shrimp, medium rare bison ribeye & halibut.


Now we are kicking back, watching some movies.

Tomorrow, we will explore the Gallatin Canyon & do a couple hikes.

Later, we will rendezvous with the Bells, whom I haven't seen since January... and whom Carp hasn't seen since 1995!

It should be a beautiful day.