Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Confusion is my middle name
Ask me again I'll tell you the same

Will is trying to convince me to buy some property with him in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Some facts about Ketchikan, from Wikipedia, the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and some other googles (pictures not by me):

-It is the 5th (5th!) most populous city in Alaska. As of 2005, there were 8,044 residents.

As of 2000, Bozeman was the 5th largest city in Montana. Coincidence? I think not.

-It is the "southeastern most sizable city in Alaska."

I enjoy geography.

-It is known as "Salmon Capitol of the World," and its economy is based on tourism and fishing.

I enjoy salmon.

-It is located in Tongass National Forest, home to many grizzly bears.

I enjoy grizzly bears.

-The Misty Fjords National Monument is one of the area's major attractions.

I enjoy mist, fjords and monuments.

-It is located on Alaska's "Inside Passage," and is a popular stop for cruise ships. In 2005, over 877,000 cruise ship passengers visited Ketchikan!

I enjoy cruising. My friends call me the Cruiser. Well, one of them does.

-One of Ketchikan's landmarks is Creek Street, a former red light district. Former?! Former?! (Hmmm. 877,000 cruise ship passengers? Potential business idea?)

I enjoy business opportunities, especially those that involve pimping and hookers.

-Ketchikan has the heaviest average rainfall in North America, and therefore measures its rainfall in feet, not inches. Like many towns in Alaska, Ketchikan refers to rain as "Liquid Sunshine."

I enjoy liquid. Also sunshine. I was not, however, at Woodstock.

-Much of the town sits over water, supported by pilings.

Water is one of the liquids I enjoy.

-The town was certified in 2005 as the fourth wettest spot on earth, with nearly 200 inches (5100 mm) of rain (the general range is 130-170 inches/3300-4300 mm).

The fourth wettest spot on earth? Jesus. Good thing I enjoy liquid.

-Oh yeah, you can't drive there. It is only accessible by plane or boat.

Awesome. I enjoy planes, boats and unique geography.


The funny thing is, he almost has me convinced. I am considering it.

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