Friday, July 22, 2005

This is the land where I live, paint it all over golden. Take a little sunshine, spread it all around.

That is the new Robert Plant tune, which the local radio station has in heavy rotation. I love it. The local station is also playing "White Orchid" by the White Stripes a lot. I love it, too. Sloppy and catchy as hell.

Dad is here. We went over and scared up the Harrier Hawks so he could see them. They have been in full, fearless dive-bombing mode this week. The female, who is bigger, came within about 18 inches of my head. Now I run with my head on a swivel, and roar at them whenever they get close. They have been dive-bombing India as well.

It seems my time with them will come to an end soon, because when we rousted them over the last two days, the two adults rose and began circling and two nearly full-grown juveniles rose with them. They are well-coordinated flyers now, and are probably almost ready to head out on their own.

Bells spotted Dennis Quaid in Schnee's shoe store in downtown Bozeman the other day. He said, "Why would Dennis Quaid be buying shoes?"

He lives here. He uses his feet, and probably likes to keep them covered like the rest of us. Apparently, movie stars wear shoes, too.

I started shopping for a television today. It is time to step into the present, and get a snazzy, space-age, skinny telly. I just feel like I need a translator to interpret the geek sales-speak. We're talking pixels, depth of etching and phosphorus bonding to electrons. We're talking High Definition vs. Enhanced Definition. We're talking DLP, LCD and Plasma. We're talking about... well, I have no fucking idea what we're talking about.

It makes me want to just go read a book.

Is there any type of job out there where you get paid to hike in the summer and snowboard in the winter? And maybe take amateur photos and write little essays on the web?

The Dad and the Dude head out on our road trip tomorrow... I will bring the laptop and try to update and upload for y'all....