Sunday, October 07, 2007

She's the kind of girl
That makes "The News of The World"
You could say she was attractively built

It snowed a couple inches on Friday night.

^^Yeee-ah. Out my front door.

It stuck around until Sunday. The mountains look niiiiiice.

It won't stick, but it is enough to kindle some hope for a filthy, thick, snowy winter.

I drove to Kalispell and back on Friday. That was about 630 miles, give or take. Through a river valley, over a snowy pass, and then through another river valley. I drove past Seeley Lake and Swan Lake. The aspens were blazing yellow.

I didn't stay. I drove back home, making the trip in 9 hours.

Spent a bunch of time at the gym, watching Wisconsin and USC lose. (And BC win!)

I watched a documentary called Emmanuel's Gift, which was incredible.

We went to the grocery store, and bought some strategic goodies.

We watched the end of the 4th season of Sopranos. The 4th season has the Ralphie story arc, the Furio-Carmela sexual tension, Pie-O-My, and the Christopher drug intervention.

That drug intervention scene is pure gold. They all have to write about a time Christopher's drug habit negatively impacted them on a piece of paper.

Silvio reads his and says something like, "One time I opened the bar. You were in the bathroom with your head in the toilet. Your hair was in the water. Disgusting."

Christopher starts to yell and Silvio says, "I SAID MY PIECE, CHRISTOPHA!"

Then Paulie starts yelling at him while Tony realizes Christopher sat on the dog.

It's a beautiful scene.

I played a shitload of guitar this weekend, too.

Went to the gym again this morning, and we had a chop-fest in the kitchen. Onions, bell peppers, scallions, carrots, celery, garlic. She took her beans and ground beef and made chili.

There was also avocado and tomato. You figure it out.

I cooked a pound of ground turkey and the garlic in the same pan for Sloppy Joes.

It's fitting. I am Sloppy. I am Joe.

And you know I bring the secret stadium sauce.

Chris and Alicia and Aden and Blain stopped by for some Frito Pie- fritos on the bottom, scoop of chili, cheese, another scoop of chili, cheese, diced peppers, green onions, fresh cilantro (avocado tomato) and another layer of fritos.

I almost had a heart attack just reading that.

This is my life.