Thursday, November 06, 2008

Escape was just a nod and a casual wave
Obsess about it heavy for the next two days

Sorry, dudes. I haven't really been giving it my all here, recently.

Life kind of got in the way.

It's still good. Life, that is.

It's just that I have been busy dealing with the following:

-Electing the first black president

-Initmately experiencing the Great Depression II- The Economy Strikes Back

-Eating cheeseburgers

-Putting in a hot tub and getting the rubber duckies just right

-Helping a friend or two through a divorce

-Learning Beatles songs

-Reading Cormac McCarthy books

-Going to shows

-Buying amplifiers

-Blowing out amplifiers (Warranty!)

-Planning a big Thanksgiving feast at my house

-Talking shit (you would not believe how this eats up your free time)

-Taking dumps

-Kicking ass

-Climbing stairs

-Getting excited about ski season

-Getting really sick

-Finding Tony's "Other Sock" a/k/a The Mitten's Mate and hanging it in the Boogie Station Where It Belongs

-Learning to play drums like a freak

-Finding perfect tone on my Telecaster up in the Boogie Station

-Getting in pretty damn good shape

-Working my ass off

-Smacking it

-Flipping it

-Rubbing it down

-Reading Kick Ass emails from Husker

-Being a Jedi Lawyer, advising behind the scenes and eating lizards with Yoda on Degobah

-Facing myself in a lightsaber duel inside of a tree and cutting my head off in a pretty badass but ultimately soul-crushing fashion

-Bending spoons with my mind

-Trying to grow a mustache

-Being manly

-Keeping it real

-Listening to AC/DC (I said I was keeping it real)

-Getting in on the ground floor for Palin-Cookie Monster 2012

-Thinking about Fiji, Ibiza, St, Baartz, Cabo

-Rehearsing with the Mitten

-Thinking about what kind of pyrotechnics I prefer when I am out on the extended stage

-Running (Yes, running)

-Watching True Blood on HBO (awesome, in case you are wondering)

-Text messaging Jimmy MrDutt

-Answering questions

-Getting hassled by the Man

-Telling the Man to Suck It

... so, as you can see, I have been busy. I'm sorry for not bloggin more of it, but it's difficult to parse out the personal, extremely difficult, parts from the fun stuff. If I could unwind the sweet from the sour and the peanut butter from the jelly, I would, I would, I would.

Doodlebug goes in for surgery again tomorrow.

Her tumor came back. I'm crazy about that cat. She's been one of the best things in my life for the last 11 years, from the moment I reached inside that John Deere tractor on my secretary's farm and took her in the palm of my hand, until this very day.

She is a sweet, sweet little girl who loves me like sun.

And what a wonderful feeling that is.

I hope you have a great Friday and make the most of your weekend. I promise to take more pictures of my new house, including the Boogie Station, the views from the deck, the hot tub, the rubber duckies... the lot.