Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm feelin' down
And some kind of lonely
Cause my baby done left me here
Heart's blazing like five alarm fire

I was talking with some people who named their kids after places they were born.

Y'know, like, "Madison," or "Dakota."

Later, when I got home, I thought about naming children after where they were conceived.

Hi, this is my boy, Kitchen Sink, and my daughter, Subaru.

Also, little Rest Area, I-90 and over there is Baxter Meadows. Ain't he cute?

Hidin' behind his mama's leg is McDonald's Bathroom, Davenport, Iowa.

In the corner is little Six Flags Parking Lot and Photo Booth at the Mall.

Out there in the yard we got Newfoundland, Anaconda (He's named after me), Butte, Copy Machine and Porta Potty at the Brooks and Dunn Concert, playin' kickball.

So, dear readers, how's it going?

Did you take it to Wednesday?

I sure did.

I'm just getting past this whole "Hump Day" thing.

I flipped it, Brokebacked it, and smacked it down.

Two times.

Check out the Doodlebug, doing her thing.



Ain't that the Cutest Cat You Have Ever Seen?

If you cannot acknowledge that, I am going to have to ask you to leave.

Get out.

Go away.



I never liked you anyway.


I just heard this story.

O.K., so my friend was hanging out backstage with this duder, a singer for another band, at an Allman Brothers concert. This posh theater, looks like an Arabian tent, red carpet back to the green room. Gone With The Wind premiered there. There are long, spindly Egyptian statues of Osiris, Ra, Bast, Anubis, and Tawaret (((Hippopotamus goddess and protective deity of childbirth. ((((Look it up.)))) For real.)))

Gerg Allmann* walked in with Savannah**, and he could hardly walk. He was leaning on her. Apparently, he was having trouble speaking English and ambulating. He may or may not have been high on drugs. Who knows with these famous folks anyway?

They directed him to the stage, sat him down at the organ and he transformed like the liquid Terminator in T3. He snapped to, took control and knocked it out of the park. In a sense, I guess it was like leading a blind Ray Charles to a piano, setting his hands on the keys and watching him let it rip. Except if Gerg Allman was really messed up instead of being blind. Which, if you really think about it, is pretty much the same thing.

So, that's that. For what it's worth.


*Gerg is Greg's retarded, tiny siamese twin, attached to the back of his neck. Under the hair. Chillin' under those flowing locks.

**A porn star who later committed suicide.


Give Thursday a little chuck on the shoulder for me.

But try not to hit his retarded siamese twin.

Because he has one, too.