Friday, July 04, 2008

Well, I'm back in black
Yes, I'm back in black

Jesse Helms died today. A solitary tear crept down my cheek.

I spent some time on E(vil)bay, and, uh, bought some, uh... necessities.

It's a 60th Anniversary Model, the Mexican (¬°arriba!) made version, beautiful wood-grain, black binding, rosewood fretboard. The threaded saddles are changed out for new brass ones, and the stock pick-ups were switched to Fender custom shop '51 No-Casters.

The cheap vintage tuners were swapped for Sperzel vintage-style tuners...also the 3-way switch was changed to a custom shop 4-way switch (regular settings and an extra with both pickups together in series).

Ohh. I needed an amp, too, so I got a Mesa Boogie Lone Star. I mean, I have an amp, but I have a solid-state mini-Marshall, so I needed a tube amp. Right?

I feel a little bit dirty.

^^It is not live video, but it is a damn good cover of "Band on The Run" by the Foo Fighters. The Foo may be the best cover band of all time.

In other dirty news, I will be going to my first rodeo tonight.

Yes, a for-real rodeo.

What the hell?

You only live once.

In even further news, Stanette booked two tickets to New Orleans for my birthday, which falls on a Friday this year.


Quite a little Friday I'm having.

I'll be back with rodeo news.