Sunday, April 08, 2007

Everything has changed
Absolutely nothing's changed.

Can't be what I want because I'm free.


I ain't got the time
And if my Daddy thinks I'm fine
He try to make go to rehab

But I won't go.

^^Freakin click that.

I am prepared to sell all my earthly possessions and follow Amy Winehouse to the end of the earth.

Just listen to her.

So, how was your weekend?

K-Top- thank you for the text and happpy easter right back at you.

My weekend may have been the best weekend I have ever had.

That's right.

Hmmm, where do I begin?

Friday would probably be a natural starting point.

I went snowboarding with Bells on Friday. It was a strange day. We experienced an inversion. That means there is a layer of warm air on top of a layer of cold air. The clouds were compressed down into the valleys, and Lone Peak stood above, in the sunshine. It looked like glaciers were flowing below us. The snow was slushy creamed corn above the clouds.

I'm not getting all hippie, kind rainbow brother on you or anything.

It was amazing.

Wish I had a camera, so I could shut the fuck up and let my fingers do the walking. Or something like that.

I came back from an incredible spring day to find out that Stanette had taken Saturday off of work. I'll be damned if we didn't hook up with Tricky and go to a micro-brew festival. I think there were 20 breweries there. Bands. Including a hummongus fat Elvis-looking guy singing Johnny Cash songs.

With sideburns.

I am not making this up. Just hang on. It gets better.

Like a heart attack.

After that evening of revelry, with sideburns, we went to this mexican restaurant for breakfast. We ate with Page and Mark. I had steak verde, con huevos. Dude. It'll cure what ails you.

We went to the grocery store and bought avocados and chicken salad and burgers and some type of asian slaw.

We had a party to attend.

This couple own(ed) a resort, called Potosi Hot Springs... Check it.

A young couple owned this joint for seven years. They sold it.

They had a party to close it down. They sold the place to a couple Texans. It is going to be a private, family getaway. There are a bunch of cabins, a big lodge with a sweet fireplace and a big pool, fed by a natural hot spring. There was also a sauna.

The stars were bright.

Really bright.

They had a huge barbecue with burgers and steaks and chicken and fresh guacamole and an iPod with a slick playlist kickin' tunes.

They had some micros on tap, CO2.

The Mitten was the scheduled entertainment. We played Elderly Woman (Pearl Jam), Ooh La La ((Faces)), Folsom Prison (((Johnny Cash))), Rockin' in the Free World ((((Neil, for real))))), and maybe some other stuff.

I brought Puck. There were 8 or 9 other dogs there, running in a pack. The resort was situated in a tight valley in the Tobacco Root Mountains, with the barkers and the colored balloons. The dogs ran around and there was a big fire. People talked and sang.

I cannot adequately describe how fortunate I am to have been there, nor can I articulate my disappointment that this place is now a "family getaway" for some douchebags from Texas.

The stars were so bright they popped like popcorn. The creek held golden trout. We stood around a bonfire.

In the morning, in the cabin, we had coffee and bagels with vegetable cream cheese. I helped Puck get down the stairs and we walked by the river in the cold sunlight. We collected our linens and said goodbye to everyone, with profuse thanks. They thanked us for the music, and we left.

I drove through Three Forks and into the Gallatin River valley. We went to Easter brunch at a friend's house. I bought her son a sweet, spandex spiderman costume and a wrist-mounted web shooter.

I wish I was five years old. Jesus, I wish I was five.

We ate bacon quiche, spinach dip and chocolate cake, then drove home to watch The Sopranos (((((WHICH WAS AWESOME))))), and here I am, typing this to you.

How was your weekend?