Monday, September 21, 2009

They're the ones who spit at you
You'll be the one who is crying out
Don't leave me high
Don't leave me dry

Steve Vessey called me out, so here I am.

I've been spending time doing things besides writing:

-Growing hot peppers.

-Giving Doodlebug the love she needs.

-I am on the board of the YMCA here. Flag football!

-I have been training really hard for snow season. This morning, there was snow on the Spanish Peaks and on the Hyalite. I have been lifting and climbing stairs with visions of champagne powder in my head. Things are chugging along, with steps or elliptical for an hour, 5 times a week, and lifting two or three times a week. I am pretty fit right now, but come opening day, it's on like Donkey Kong.

-A couple close friends have been going through some very difficult times. Come to think of it, I have been dealing with a damn stressful scenario myself.

-I have been working like a busy beaver to plan our wedding. This involves precious metals, a tropical locale, a lovely dress and sexy lingerie (for me... oh yes, I will be wearing something unusual. Sensuous.)

(We're staying on that little beach under that mountain...)

-I got a bonus at work. I went to the music store and bought my very first Gibson, a custom shop ES 336.

This is the real reason I have not been blogging.

It is a beautiful piece of craftmanship, worthy of being played by only the finest musicians.

I have been teaching myself to play slide guitar. Not well, but I am the only one who has to listen to it. That Hohner guitar with the big metal resonator in it is the weapon of choice for the slide. Nice and twangy, waiting for me to play it to its potential, waiting for me to birth some talent from my fingers and brain.

I learned a beautiful Radiohead song called, "High and Dry," off their album, The Bends. When I sing it I struggle to keep from crying.

I will never leave anyone I love high and dry.


I have been trying to make weird underwater sounds on the organ.

I have been listening to the Faces over and over and over again.

Sorry if I have been drifting away from providing you workday entertainment, Steve.

I guess I have been busy entertaining myself...

I also fixed the toilet in the Boogie Station, which was a pretty manly endeavor.

There are some really good musicians coming over on Saturday. I will get to play with people who are way out of my league.

Standing on the edge of the quarry wall, looking past your toes, forty feet down into the deep, green water. Skinny, tan kids drinking cheap canned beer scream at you to jump.