Friday, April 20, 2007

It's times like these I feel so small and wild

Like the ramblin' footsteps of a wanderin' child

As a rule, I mistrust left-handed people. You should, too. They're shifty. They play guitars upside-down. Bill Clinton is left-handed. And a lawyer who lied about getting a blowjob. They have all been touched by Satan. Stay away.

Quagmire finally posted again, after a four-month hiatus, which oddly coincided with his visit to Montana. He's funny. Write more, dude, or I'll come to the Boogie-down Bronx and I'll cut you.

I can't really talk, though, since I haven't exactly been writing much of quality in the last six to nine months, for plenty of reasons. Thank Jah for pictures, though. It kind of makes it like a comic book.

Tricky is taking us out to dinner. He's a consigliere here in Bozeman. It's always good to venture out with a lawyer. Shucks, what would have happened at the Mint 200 without Raoul Duke? Fucking bats.

I am deep into 5 different books right now: one by James Hall and four by Bukowski. (Did I just throw down a colon? Yes. Yes, I did.) The thing I love about Bukowski is that you don't need a book mark. You can just pick it up and start reading from anywhere, so really the four books may as well be one. I have one in each of the three bathrooms and one by the bed.

Do you think that other countries have rampaging gunmen committing mass-murder as frequently as in the U.S.?

Somehow, I don't. But it could be like spontaneous combustion, which happens all the time and just isn't widely reported.

The wind keeps roaring
And the sky keeps turning gray

I have been busy with the business papers in my briefcase, listening to Creedence and trying to track down my rug.

There are a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous. (man)


I have never watched a single episode of American Idol, CSI, or Law and Order. I quit on Jack Bauer this year, since I don't have Tivo, and didn't feel like making a committment.

I'm down to the Sopranos (which has been intense... the ending of this will not disappoint) and Entourage. And movies.

I wonder if my cable company will let me have only pay channels. (Who will wack Tony?)


I got another camera. I opted for another Kodak, simply because it was the cheapest per-megapixel of any of them. I think this one has 8. My old one had 5. Who cares, anyway? I doubt it makes any difference when you just post photos on the web and don't make prints. (more eagles)


A friend and I hosted a pretty killer beer-tasting party on Wednesday night at the Ale Works. We had a room, and they paired 7 appetizers with 7 beers. There was salmon crostini, an ahi tuna poke, mini pigs in a blanket with brats, lamb lollipops, something else and a flourless chocolate cake, paired with stout, naturally.

It was fun. There were around 30 people there. (yippee)


Since ski season is over, I broke out the fly rod last week and got out on the river. We'll probably take the kayaks out this weekend, do some floating and see if I am any smarter than a hungry trout. (doubtful)


Bucked up and bought those Lollapalooza tickets for August. We're staying at the House of Blues hotel... should be fun. (understatement)