Saturday, September 24, 2005

I hope we're not to messianic, or a trifle too satanic.
Well I am just a monkey man. I'm glad you are a monkey woman, too, girl.


This link is a bit old, but, really, when you think about it, a group of monkeys getting wasted on booze made from weed and rampaging through a village in India...

Well, that's just timeless.

I see DMAX commented that he was raised on Dews and Three Musketeers in Q-Town, on the mighty Miss. I take it for what it's worth, because I happen to know that he's a top hat and a monocle away from being Mr. Peanut. But then again, he also says that heaven is a little like Merlin's at Whistler, where all you need are some wings, some Labatt's, three chords and the truth. He may be right.

Unleash hell, Maximus. Unleash hell.