Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Your love is fading

God Bless Keith Richards...


^^I covet that guitar.

I close tomorrow on the new house.

^That is one of two slabs of granite that is going into the new house.

I spent the day working in Butte, Montana, yesterday. What a place. At one point, many years ago, it was the biggest city west of the Mississippi because of the copper mine. It was noted for its redlight district and saloons. One of the bordellos is now a museum. (Click that Wikipedia link. It is really interesting.)

Now, it is a dying town that boasts the world's biggest Superfund cleanup site.

Actually, the Berkley Pit, the Anaconda smelter and that portion of the Clark Fork are all Superfund sites, I believe. The Pit is ranked numero uno. Three-headed babies, dude.

The architecture is beautiful, due to all the money that poured in back in the day. There are gorgeous brick buildings and decaying, yet noble homes.

The economy there is suffering and it is a rough and tumble place. I was was wearing a tie, ripe for an ass-kicking. The people I met there, however, were all friendly, if oddly brimming with a perverse pride in being from Butte.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, the center of the see-saw. You can tip your week on Wednesday and change the center of gravity. All kinds of things can happen on a Wednesday.