Sunday, May 04, 2008

Look at them
Look right through them

Today, I told somebody that my ass smells like pumpkin pie.

She (who shall remain nameless) told me that her daughter told her that her vagina smells like corn.

I am just going to let that one sink in for a minute.

Like I said, we loved Miami.

South Beach was phenomenal.

We sat down for lunch on Ocean in South Beach. A canary yellow Ferrari and a canary yellow Lamborghini drove past within a couple minutes.

What are the odds?

A quarter million dollars worth of fine, yellow Italian automobiles, just rumbling through.

They weren't in a hurry, either.

After we ate, we went to a store.

Stannette and Liz picked out a couple shirts and a hat for me.

Recently, I have taken to saying the word "ballsack" habitually, like some people use the word, "dude."

It is a versatile word. Punctuation, exclamation, adjective... whatever. Ballsack.

It helps if you pronounce it ballsick, and really speed up the second syllable... BALLsck!