Thursday, January 04, 2007

You think you're pretty hot
In your porkpie hat
But Rudi...can't fail

Notre Dame got split in half last night. Yay. In case you haven't picked up on it, I HATE Notre Dame.


Big Sky got 6 inches last night, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. They need another foot, though, to cover up a lot of the rock on the steeps under Challenger and off the tram.


Finally got around to watching Talledega Nights the other day. I liked it; I give it a solid "B." I laughed pretty hard at a few parts. John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell make a good comic team. I was beginning to fear that Will Ferrell's shelf life was just about up, but he still made me laugh. The whole saying grace to Baby Jesus scene was gold. Definitely a worthwhile rental if you are looking for a laugh.

I also faded out last night halfway through A Scanner Darkly, which is one trippy movie. I am really liking it thus far. Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise) did the movie in this really unique animation style. It is based on a Phillip K. Dick (Minority Report, Blade Runner, Total Recall) book. Phillip K. Dick was an interesting author who wrote weird science fiction. Oh, and he was convinced that aliens (or God) were beaming these stories and ideas into his head, so he was crazy as a rat in a tin shithouse, which is always a bonus.

Super-interesting flick so far.


This snow situation has me bummed out. And when you are bummed about snow, there is only one thing you can do--- Meet Danno in Utah.

That will happen in the next couple of weeks.

I think that we should just run that helmet cam 24-7. Not only would it be entertaining, but Safe. I am all about Safety. Safety First. Because sometimes people get hurt. People get rugburns, sometimes in unlikely places. Wheelchairs can tip over backwards, if one is imitating a disabled veteran and doing wheelies on the chair, for instance. Pilfered inner tubes can spin, whipping a cord, and causing potential head injuries. People can fall out of bed.

Accidents happen people.

You have to be prepared.



I have to admit, I have really been slacking here of late. Mailing it in. Thank goodness for the pictures, though, which I think most of you come here for anyway.

I can't make any promises to return with the furious frequency of yore.

One of my favorite bloggers just hung it up after 7 years. He pulled the plug on some wonderfully subversive writing and some really great photographs. He said it just became a chore for him, which is too bad, because I checked his site every day.

Adios, Stacey. Thanks for all the thought-provoking entertainment and for inspiring me to start this site.

It made me think about doing the same here, but I am not quite ready yet. I think my life here in Montana will still generate some interesting things, and I know that this has been a one-way form of communication to a number of friends and acquaintances who check in regularly to see what is going on in my life... even if they can't be bothered to pick up the phone or email.

And you, slacker friends of mine, I know you stop here and read. (I also know when you stop here. I know how often you stop here. Some of you hit "refresh" like a drug addict hitting the morphine button in the hospital.) I am not quite ready to go dark and maintain radio silence, dropping entirely out of your lives, leaving you to wonder after years of no communication, "I wonder what happened to that dude who moved to Montana?"

So you can continue to enjoy the 3-5 minute diversion this provides you at work, whilst you undoubtedly procrastinate another part of your day, along with the heaping slice of guilt I just served you. (I would have made a great Jewish mother.) Bon appetit!

((I better get some emails, or I will be forced to taunt you a second time.))