Sunday, June 04, 2006

Santa Lucia....
Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanta Lucia

Like I said, Dad knows what to do with a camera.

As long as I have love, I know I can make it...

Best character on television, period.

I don't want to hear it.

Especially from you.

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt so well

This has possibities.

Click it & see my "artistry."

I'm scary talented.

Look at that.

Now look at the picture on the top of the page.


Your fingers weave quick minarets
Speak in secret alphabets
I'll light another cigarette
Learn to forget

I hiked Fawn Pass in Yellowstone yesterday.

It was purty.

It was roughly a 12 mile loop.

There are some elk on the ridge in this picture. I shrunk the photo too much, so it is a little "Where's Waldo?"

Wildflowers were blooming.

Some fire damage from the big 1989 blaze.

This is a fresh black bear track, adult and cub, right next to each other.

I didn't see any bears, but they were definitely around.

I saw about 50-60 elk on the hike. This trail must go through a calving ground.

There is one in this picture.

There he is.

The hike was fairly open.

Another bear track. The claw marks were visible.

A herd of elk was hanging out.

This was a grizzly track. It was fresh, and it was big.

He got busy on this tree. Can you see the claw marks? There is some bark missing to the left, and deep claw grooves in the center of the picture.

You gotta kind of keep your head on a swivel in the park. I carried bear spray.

On the way back up the canyon, I stopped and took a picture of House Rock, the most famous whitewater feature of the "Wild Mile" of whitewater on the Gallatin.

Imagine getting trapped against that, upside-down in a kayak.

To give you an idea of the flow right now, here is a video. It's short. Click to play.

I'm thinking I need to get on that whitewater, wit a quickness.