Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fake the heat and scratch the itch
Skinned up knees and salty lips

Let go, it's harder holding on. One more trip and I'll be gone.

I will be in sunny South Beach tomorrow. Then Ocho Rios. Then Grand Cayman. It snowed here last night, and with the ski resorts closed, this trip will be a nice break.

I will have access to a laptop and I will update from the tropics. Blissfully, I will not have cell phone reception.

Consider this a scouting trip for my retirement. My retirement plan, which has been detailed here before, involves opening and running a moped stand in a tropical locale. Will Danger and my sister, Liz (who will be along on this trip), have expressed interest in becoming my business partners in this venture.

There will be a thatched roof. We will have a pegboard, replete with numbered hooks for the keys. There will be a stool and a metal box for the money. We will use the old-school, carbon copy credit card thing to take your deposit. We will have a small radio, with antenna that will play beisbol broadcasts in spanish, reggae and/or that goofy mexican oompa music, depending on the locale.

There will be a cooler, and there will be a small, brown child who will fetch fish tacos upon request.

I plan to work the fall and spring, while spending winter and summer in Montana. Liz will cover the other seasons. Will is well qualified to handle any actual work that doesn't involve handing a key to a tourist and collecting pesos.

We have had discussions of eliminating the brown child expanding our operation to include an attached bar/fish taco stand. This was Liz' idea. Will likes it, too. They can do that if they want, but me? I'm gonna stick with the pegboard, the stool, the cooler and the beisbol.

Everyone has to have a dream.