Friday, April 28, 2006

No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me round

LeBron... he is the real deal, kids.

He got it done in the clutch. 41 pts, 14 in the 4th, including the winner.

He and Gilbert Arenas went mano-a-mano in the 4th. Fan-tastic.

Kobe vs. the Suns on next. Run and gun.

I love the playoffs. In any sport.

Except hockey.

I don't care about hockey.

Hockey is great in person, but it sucks on t.v.

It's too hard to follow the puck on television.

I had a hard time with my run today. Sometimes, it is easy, sometimes it is hard. Today was difficult. And slow. I cut it short at 5 miles.

I am proud of/happy for two of my friends today: BB in Billings and Henry Hill out in Napa Valley. They both took care of business and locked down HUGE accounts in their respective jobs.

It gladdens my heart to see these guys succeed. Especially because these two have made me laugh harder than just about anybody I know.

Henry Hill, whom you may remember from a touching guest blog a while back had me almost pissing my pants during our conversation today, comparing a hangover to having rabies.

The nice part for Henry is that he wrapped up a monster of a project and will be home for the birth of his son, and for some time thereafter.

Big ups to BB for closing a huge deal in his job as well.

Congrats, guys.

Rock on.


I am going home to Wisconsin again at the end of June for UJ and Carmela's wedding.

My dad called and said, "Pearl Jam and Tom Petty are playing at Summerfest. Wanna go?"

Hell yeah, dad.

Hell yeah.


In other parental news, the first person I called to see the Numchuk Tard on Shy Smiley's blog was my mom.

That type of humor is right up her alley... and I was right, because she was laughing her ass off.


And here endeth another dull post.

Brimful of asha on a 45, well it's a brimful of asha on a 45.
Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow... mine's on the 45.

A few quick hits...

There is a hilarious video on shy smiley's blog. It is the second post down. (I also like the top post. I would lift it and post it here, but where's the fun in that? You should check out her blog anyway.)

When you click through, you will get a prompt to run Active X- click yes, it allows the video to run. The video is called "Numchuk Tard."

Here is the link.

I laughed my ass off, and I ended up watching it 6 or 7 times. The best part is after the fall, the guy is all dizzy and tries to play it off with a staggering numchuk move. I am laughing just typing it.

Check it out.


Here is another link: US Military develops a force field.

That is incredible.

Mr. Scott! Shields aft!

How soon til we have phasers?

I want sharks with friggin lasers attached to their heads.

Failing that, I'll take a delicious sea bass.


There has been an existential bent to the misguided web searchers coming here lately.

Recent google searches that have led people here:

-I miss the comfort in being sad.

-What does fat man in the bathtub mean?

-Are you happy?

-Cancel my subscription to the resurrection.

-Mystery of the quotient.

-You can't stop me.

-Cool rings with wolves and dragons. (This may be my all-time favorite. I think Napoleon found my blog.)

- 25 cent mustache rides. (OK, I have a new favorite. It's timeless, really.)

I'm still a bike-powered fool, riding all over town on with my orange crate. I stuffed all my dry-cleaning in that basket today, picked up some lunch.

There was a moment where I downshifted to granny gear and was just pedaling 90 miles an hour but only traveling 5 miles an hour.

It was a total tard moment.

Just thought you guys should know that.